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Sewer line constructed to connect the western suburbs to the main sewer line and the Bondi ocean outfall. number 1 Sewage Pumping Station One of the network of twenty pumping stations, and the largest, constructed from 1900 to pump from low-lying areas and into mains leading to the outfalls.

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Preventative maintenance for all commercial building sewer systems, Sydney wide. Onsite transferring for larger sewer systems. Using our baby truck, going to restricted access areas and doing multiple trips to our larger tankers on street level. Sydney water sewer pumping stations, throughout Sydney, and the northern beach areas.

The Main Northern Outfall Sewer (BOOS) was the first ocean outfall sewer to be designed and built in Sydney. At the time when Melbourne was getting its first reticulated sewer, Sydney was diverting its existing sewers from harbour outfalls to ocean outfall. It was a marvel of surveying accuracy for its time which allowed bricking to commence.

Code/Zoning City codes for Sidney are located here. All codes and regulations are listed. A PDF of the current zoning map can be found here. Agenda/Minute Current minutes are located here for the public to view. Water & Sewer

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