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A dripping or leaking faucet can be a very irritating problem. But more importantly, it could be a sign that there are many more serious problems your faucet, pipes, or plumbing.

Check your faucets at home — do any of them drip? Maybe it’s just a small drip — how much water can a little drip waste? True, a single drip won’t waste much water, but think about each faucet in your home dripping a little bit all day long.

While a water leak runs unattended in Pavilion informal settlement in Pietermaritzburg, about 100 residents are sharing one communal tap. Residents say the leak has been running for years, not far.

How to Fix a Leaky Shower Faucet. A leaking shower faucet can be both annoying and costly, as it will likely lead to higher water bills. Fortunately, you can fix your leaky shower faucet yourself with a few tools and supplies. If you have.

If the faucet is leaking at the base of the spout, tighten the collar using a wrench to turn it clockwise. If this stops the leak, you’ve completed the repair; An older ball faucet may have an adjusting ring. You may be able to fix the leak by making an adjustment to this with a long-nosed pair of pliers.

Some faucet leaks are pretty obvious to spot-when a faucet drips from the spout, even when the handle is turned off, there is no misunderstanding about the fact that your faucet is leaking. However, not all faucet leaks are that obvious, and they can occur in places other than the spout itself. If your household water usage is higher than normal, look for less obvious faucet leaks that may.

If you have a reverse osmosis (RO) filter system under your sink, chances are you also have an "air gap" faucet on top. If you notice your air gap faucet leaking water through its hole, or if your RO system is making excessive noise, you may have a clogged drain tube.

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Repairing A Dripping Tap. How to fix a dripping tap including how to change a tap washer or tap seals and reseating a tap. Descriptions, explanation and parts diagrams on how to change tap washers, and the different types of washers and taps.

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